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The Art of Referral

As online shopping and e-commerce grows across the globe, the opportunity to make money online from selling products and services becomes readily available.

With the right tools, you too can take advantage of this growth.

If you have read our 'Money Mindset' content, you will know there are multiple ways to make money, and online we have the options of:

  • Providing a service
  • Selling a product
  • Blogging/Vlogging with advertising
  • and referral marketing

Do you know what they all are?

Selling a product or service is self explanatory and blogging/vlogging with advertising is creating valuable content that helps people, and then moneytising the website and traffic flow with advertising.

What is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is using affiliate products and programs to get commissions.

There are tonnes of products being sold online, and off-line. You might not be a manufacturer, distributor, reseller or a service provider but you can still make money from online sales.

Imagine now a book that you loved and you recommended it to your best friend to read. If you just told them about it and they went out and bought it, the book retailer would get all the profits of the sale.

Now, imagine the same situation, except this time you gave your friend a coupon code or web link to buy the book. 

Your friend would still pay the same price, although this time you would receive a percentage of the sale, or a commission for the purchase. This is often called a referral fee or affiliate product commission.

A book might not give you a huge commission, but think bigger and real world scenarios like car sales and hire, house sales and rentals, holiday bookings, and high ticket items.

The possibility to make 'job replacing'money is now well within reach.

It has been going on for years, centuries actually. Think of car salesman, real estate agents, brokers, and compare and review services. They all rely on commissions that are received after you take their advice or recommendation.

Online, affiliate marketing has another distinct advantage.... locationless! If you are referring links and mentioning products (brand influencing), you are not limited to where you do it from.

You could be on your laptop in France, or your smartphone in Iceland, and still be making money from these sales.

The Laptop Lifestyle or Perfect Side Gig

The flexibility and unique nature of affiliate sales online means you can use this business model alongside an existing or other job, or around your travel lifestyle.

We have clients receiving commissions while they sleep, while they are spending time with their family and even on holidays.

With the right tools, you too can be doing the same.

Unlike business models and systems like Amazon Fulfillment and eBay stores, affiliate marketing doesn't require you to handle the product. Unlike drop-shipping, you usually will not need to handle the payments or logistics either!

Learn how to Get Big Commissions

The key to creating income recognisable as wealth creation and not just a hobby, means aligning with the right affiliate products, and using high converting sales tools like landing pages and traffic building ads.

As with getting in to the right money mindset, we recommend doing a course or training associated with your affiliate business.

Learn about what it takes to create traffic and sales, as well as attracting the right buyers.

Find high ticket items that will give you big pay days, and align yourself with brands that look after their affiliate partners.

Our Recommendation

If you have decided to invest in affiliate sales or selling online and using social marketing to attract sales, we recommend using Global Affiliate Zone's training platform.

Their online platform teaches you about attraction marketing, using Facebook and Instagram to connect with your buyer, as well as having the following benefits:

  • Access to high ticket health technology products
  • A group of like-minded entrepreneurs with over 11,000 members
  • Free coaching call to discuss your goals
  • Events across the globe to learn and engage with others

Check out this video explaining the platform and the opportunity.


The community feel that Global Affiliate Zone has created is the perfect entrepreneur incubator, allowing you to take your affiliate business model to the next level - a profitable one!

Limited Time Offer

The ScrewCrew have partnered with Global Affiliate Zone to offer you a 14-day trial of their platform.

With a $99 USD access cost, this trial allows you to use their 3-4 hours of initial training, book a free coaching call to discuss opportunities with their high ticket affiliate products, and get added to their 11,000 strong group.

If of course the opportunity does not align with you, the 14-day trial period includes a money back guarantee :) leaving you with lots to gain and nothing to lose but a few hours worth of self development time.

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