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Self Enhancement

Welcome to the era of positive thinking, inspirational quotes and self-help guides.

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." ~ Buddha

You know those days that you wake up and nothing seems to go right? Unfortunately those days aren't 100% avoidable, but what if I told you, you are attracting those days into your life and only YOU can change how that day unfolds?!

Mind frickin blown right?

Well it's true. You see, as human beings we all vibrate at a certain frequency. When you are feeling down, angry or jealous, you are vibrating at a low frequency and therefore attracting similar low frequency things (a.k.a.: shit) into your life. When you are vibrating at a higher frequency of love, joy and abundance, you are attracting those into your life.

Your current reality is only a reflection of what you have attracted into your life, and you can have a better life simply by changing your perspective and committing 110% to a few key changes.

Be Positive 

The first step to achieving a more positive, fulfilled and abundant life, is gratitude!

I know what you're thinking, you are already grateful, and believe me, I used to think I was too, until I looked a little deeper. You see, simply being grateful for someone opening a door for you, or for the extra $10 note you found in your jeans pocket just isn't enough.

What I'm talking about, is being grateful for all the little things in your life and for the things you don't even have yet. Start being grateful for things like the food on your table, the money in your account (no matter how little), the car that gets you to work and the cells in your body that allow you to live.

It is not until we are truly deeply grateful for those things in our lives that we can experience true abundance.

Change Your Mind About Money

Too many of us look at money as the root of all evil, when in fact, money is a key factor in life that is too often unspoken about.

You can always give more, be more and love more, when you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family or loved ones first.

I know some people might find this hard to understand, or even think it is a little superficial, but think about how often you have been unable to help a friend or loved one because you are too busy stressing about how to pay your bills with the little funds you have left, or letting someone down because you don't have enough money in the bank to visit them.

If you look after your income first, you can give to others second.

Mind, Body & Soul

Everybody knows you can't live a full life without looking after ALL of these 3 key factors: mind, body & soul.

The Mind: Not stimulating your mind on a regular basis is pretty much the same as eating one salad and wondering why you don't lose weight. Just the same as you can't eat one salad or lift one weight and expect to be a Spartan, you can't read one book and expect to be a genius. Consistent learning is essential to personal growth.

The Body: Looking after your body sounds obvious enough right? And although we all seem to know that eating right and exercising is a must, so many people still choose to fill their bodies with, well, crap. Sugary foods and drinks, grease filled take-aways and so much more. Here's the catch, the foods you eat, the drinks you drink and the amount of exercise you do, has as big as an effect on your mind as it does on your waistline.

The Soul: This is where a lot of people get a bit lost and overwhelmed, when we speak about the soul, we are referring to everything from Religion, to Yoga, to Spiritual Enlightenment and more. It all depends on what you want to take from it. What we recommend is to do a bit of soul searching and to find what resonates with you deeply.

Where to next?

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