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About Us

Created from the crushed hopes and dreams of time poor parents, Screw Your Job helps more people take advantage of profit-making instead of trading their precious time for wages.

The #ScrewCrew, headed by Brydie and Dave, deliver valuable & viable options to create your own online business, shop or blog.

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A Bit Of History:

Screw Your Job was born kind of out of jealousy. Seriously!

Our friends and family used to always ask how we had so much fun and adventure in our lives whilst still leading busy lives with young kids and commitments... Even on weekdays.

We showed many friends & family how we leveraged the internet to create online businesses, and then started helping clients build their brands with the knowledge we acquired over the past decade.

Our family values and love of experiences help us relate to many of our clients looking to live their life to the fullest.

There is no balance in work and life, you need to integrate and accommodate the two together. Let us show you how you too can Screw Your Job with a profitable side-gig, travel lifestyle or work-from-home opportunity.

Sick of being tied to a job you hate, or surrounded by negative people?

This is the place for you. We encourage and nurture positive change in all areas of life.

Take a look around or contact us for a chat today :)

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Meet Brydie "The Babe"

With a sheer determination for success and the motivation to make it happen, Brydie has worked with Mums, Dads and lost souls looking to create a better life through increased wealth and time.

Brydie encourages self development at the very top of her priority list, and teaches simple mantras and motivational guides to increase productivity, self worth and success.

Meet Dave"The Nerd"

Helping with technology implementation and social marketing for over a decade, Dave's focus is on creating incomes and business models that allow time and financial freedom.

Addicted to audio books of self development, he teaches others to live the laptop lifestyle he is accustomed to, with emphasis on trades and investment that deliver high returns with minimal costs.

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