About Us

Screw Your Job was created by Dave and Brydie to help other business owners successfully leverage the power of internet marketing.

After creating their own online income streams and having experience with multiple platforms and types of passive income streams, they decided to put all their tools and resources together in one spot for other people to utilise. Screw Your Job was born.

This site aims to help more people create the perfect side gig to help pay off debts, travel more, live fully or just to buy and do the things they want. The internet is full of opportunity and we hope you find some direction here at Screw Your Job.

The Team

Meet Brydie


Brydie Kiem Screw Your Job Co-Founder

With an attitude and sheer determination for success, Brydie helps business owners create income streams using smart marketing strategies, investments and online tools.

Brydie's creative background helps businesses maximise the performance of their logos and visual branding.

Her drive is family focused and Brydie works closely with other Mums who are creating their side income or stay at home opportunity.

Meet Dave


David Walter Screw Your Job Co-Founder

David is co-founder of the training platform Screw Your Job and has been helping brands master their use of technology since early 2009.

David’s focus is on social marketing and growth hacking, and although is amazing with advertising campaigns, enjoys mastering organic traffic and viral growth.

Through the Screw Your Job platform, David offers clients audits on their marketing and online presence, as well as strategy sessions to grow and develop online branding.