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Supercharge Your Life - Interactive Workbook

Supercharge Your Life - Interactive Workbook

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Written by Brydie, the Co-Founder of Screw Your Job, this interactive workbook aims to help you improve multiple aspects of your life, showing you how to apply the gratitude attitude, create money magnetism, create confidence and set goals.

See what's included:

Part 01: The Power Of Positivity
Activity 01: Write Out Your Dreams
Activity 02: Count Your Blessings
Activity 03: Write Your Outcome Statement

Part 02: Become A Money Magnet
Activity 01: What Did Your Parents Teach You About Money?
Activity 02: How Does Money Make You Feel?
Activity 03: What Has Been The Main Theme In Your Life Around Money The Last Few Years?
Activity 04: Write Your Freedom List
Activity 05: Write Your New Empowering Beliefs Around Money
Activity 06: Write Your New Declaration & Commitment

Part 03: Creating Confidence
Activity 01: Your Achievement Log
Activity 02: Understand Your Strengths & Weaknesses
Activity 03: Talk Yourself Up
Activity 04: Visualisation & Positivity

Part 04: Goal Setting And Life Planning
Activity 01: Understand Your Purpose
Activity 02: Quick Goals
Activity 03: Set 5 Smart Goals
Activity 04: One Goal, 24 Hours
Activity 05: Reverse Engineer It
Activity 06: A Future Letter
Activity 07: Repetition