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A Day In The Life of a Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur VS a Traditional Job

The world has changed, there are new jobs around now that did not exist when I was growing up. Change is a good thing and must be embraced if humanity is to evolve.

Whilst many traditional jobs still exist, a new line of roles and business opportunities have come in to fruition.

Before we go any further, what is a laptop lifestyle entrepreneur?

If you're on this site, you are most likely aware of people like ourselves who strive to build our businesses up based on a profit model over a wages model. The advantages of this include not being limited to how much money we can make, and being able to expand and evolve.

Working for wages depends on the hours you can put in, and to get more money, you need to work more hours or improve your rate of pay which brings more responsibility and work in most cases.

In today's world, the internet, technology and social media have allowed more people to create a lifestyle business, one that works in with their life.

What does that even mean?

It means, many people are using platforms like Facebook and Instagram to actively promote a product or service that brings them an income, whilst making their 'work' the art of selling without a sales pitch. It is often called attraction marketing or brand influencing.

The advantages of building a business model like this often includes the ability to work flexible hours, relying on sales and commissions rather than a hourly rate, and often the advantage of not needing an office - working from anywhere in the world with internet access.

We will refer to a typical or normal job as one that has existed for years. A retail or trade role with opportunity to advance in the business to management, and the ability to do overtime.

These are usually seen as honest jobs that deliver a service like product sales, utilities or repair and maintenance. They might also be project management.

Now lets look at a typical day of this tradie, manager or salesperson.

Brian is a 26 year old plumber, who climbed the ranks from apprentice to supervisor in only a few short years. Brian works for a company that has 3 vans and 5 employees.

As a supervisor, Brian is responsible for 2 of these employees. One apprentice and one trade qualified plumber who is older than Brian.

Although Brian manages these 2 employees, he also does his own work taking plumbing jobs.

Brian wakes up most days around 5.30am, and hits the shower before the kids wake up. After he is dressed and is having brekky, the kids tackle him with morning cuddles and random stories. Then at 6.15am, he is in his van and on his way to the office.

After a 45 minute commute, he starts at 7am getting his list of jobs for the day, as well as organising the jobs for the 2 employees he manages.

Once he has them off on their jobs in the other van, Brian heads off to his first job in his van.

He breaks for lunch around 2pm. He managed to get a sausage roll in at 10am between jobs whilst driving, and his lunch is last night's left over spaghetti bolognese. YUM!

5pm rolls around, and Brian is still on the last job. It is bigger than expected and sees him finishing work at 6.30pm. He gets home at 8pm after stopping in at the shops for his wife on the way home.

In his supervisory role, Brian gets a salary rather than a wage, and therefore is unpaid for these extra hours of time he works. But it is more than he used to get so all good right?

Although he is absolutely exhausted, Brian cherishes the kids cuddles and stories of their day, and time with his wife. A quick shower and then dinner with the family. Bed time for the kids comes around fast.

Brian usually stays up for a beer or two while he talks to his wife about next weekend's fishing trip with the boys, or a BBQ at another couple's house. Then it's bed at around 10pm.

Tomorrow comes and it all starts again.

The weekends are when Brian gets to have the most fun, and the family usually plan trips around Saturday morning soccer, and lunch dates (when he is not on call).

Brian cannot wait for his next holiday!

Now, let us meet Kane.

Kane used to be an electrician. He finished his trade but realised soon after it wasn't for him. His hobby of computer gaming led him to look more into working online. He tried lots of different so-called business oportunities he found on Facebook, but most were MLM schemes or just people telling him what he could do.

Then he found an affiliate program that not only told him what to do, but provided all the assets and tools to make it work. He loved it. There was a great support group on Facebook made up of like minded people, and better still, the focus was on positive living and a money mindset.

The more Kane got into the opportunity, the more he loved it. It meant he was able to learn and work from his laptop (when he wasn't distracted by games) and work around personal activities he had planned for the day.

Kane worked a casual job at the local cafe which paid his rent, but he was determined to make his fortunes online.

Kane was usually up around 7am, but sometimes woke earlier for an early shift at the cafe. On days he didn't work, he would wake up without an alarm and then head straight to the coffee machine.

After a caffeine fix, he would head to a room he had setup for meditation and yoga. Kane had 2 kids, so he and his wife would take turns of watching them while the other had some personal development time.

By 10am, Kane was feeling refreshed, awake and eager to jump on the computer. He'd take his freshly juiced smoothie out to the back deck along with his laptop and phone.

For the next two hours, he would go through his emails and messages online, post on his social media platforms if he needed to, and then work on his online ad campaigns to ensure they were attracting the right audience.

His ads were pointing to a collection of landing pages that would invite people to better develop themselves through a mind over matter course, as well as a product page selling $5 cake toppers.

He was utilising social media to sell his course, and his cake toppers were on a Shopify site he had created.

The course was amazing. He had worked with a mentor to create it and the feedback he was getting was awesome. It cost people $599 for the 4 week course. It had cost Kane around $400 to create and publish the course, along with about a week of working on it. This meant Kane's course was created once, but sold infinitely.

His cake toppers were sourced from a Chinese supplier, who would also send the products directly to his customers. No need for stock or logistics worries.

Having the products also listed on Amazon and a Facebook shop, meant his Shopify site was getting a lot more traffic and sales.

At lunch time, Kane normally spent time with his wife and kids, but today, the kids were at the grandparent's house - it was time for a date!

Coffee and cake at their favourite little cosy nook just out of town. So worth it for the blackforest cake!

After his lunch date, Kane takes his smartphone and earplugs to the local park. It is around 3pm now. He walks while he listens to an audio book on expanding the mind's concepts on money.

He heads to the local gym around 3.30pm for a quick aerobic session followed by a sauna visit. He often mixes these up with visits to the local float center or yoga in the park.

He arrives home around 4.30pm as the gym is close to home. He quickly checks his emails and messages on his smartphone before hitting the shower.

It's then playtime with the kids before making dinner for the wife who is now doing some meditation in the peaceful room mentioned earlier.

Dinner comes and goes, and Kane is still full of energy. He helps bath and bed the kids before turning his attention on his wife. They decide to hit the bed early, but not for sleep.

They also discuss plans for visiting the zoo tomorrow with the kids. Kane plans to do his work before the zoo trip.

Kane and his wife try to keep weekends free from work and self development, as they prefer to make it all about family time.

Kane's business is still working while he is not attending to it. The internet and online marketplace does not sleep, and sales notifications keep coming through all day, everyday.

They are expecting a big tax return back this year, and they plan on investing around $5k on a new product that is hitting the market. They are hoping for a return of $200K over the next 6 months.

When it comes to a comparison of money, Brian makes $145K a year and Kane usually sits around the half a million mark depending on investments and sales that year.

The big difference is time. Whilst both enjoy time with their family, Kane usually has more energy and is in a better mindset due to personal development time.

Whilst not typical, Kane's business is very achievable and does not require any previous skillset.

He has friends that are ex-tradies, miners and accountants doing the same business. There are also lots of stay at home parents kicking arse online around their kids.

It is a new world and the opportunities are out there.

Who can you relate to more, Brian or Kane? Let me know in the comments below.

If you can relate to Brian but would prefer to know more about what Kane does, let us know. We feel we have a pretty amazing opportunity for you.

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