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The Rise of the Parentpreneur, and How to Make Money Online

For those of you who have been following our personal journey as well as Screw Your Job's rise to fame (in our own lunchbox!), you'd have seen how we have utilised the internet, the growth of e-commerce and social media to build a business that works around our growing family's adventures.

Make money online

Decide on your Ideal Lifestyle, and create a Business that works in with it.

The key to creating a business that worked for our family, was knowing what we wanted first.

  • Flexible Hours of Work
  • Potential to Increase Cashflow
  • Location Free
  • Geek Friendly

The main goal was flexibility from day 1, as the business started around some unfortunate circumstances.

The benefit of creating something that didn't require set hours or location meant we could work from an office, the car, the park or even the lounge whilst the kids played.

What do I mean by geek friendly? Simple. My background is ICT helpdesk and web programming, so creating something that worked in with that was what I called "Using my strengths!"

My first business started by helping clients with technology solutions, things like PC repairs, networking, printers (I hate printers!), internet troubleshooting and website basics.

It then grew into a marketing first business helping with website transformations and landing pages, coding updates and changes, social and search advertising, print media and a sneaky little tool called re-targeting that stalked users.

It was awesome! I worked from my laptop looking after social media accounts, advising about content and creating some amazing advertising campaigns for clients.

The best bit? Half the time I did it between play time with the kids and I was still in my PJs!

Utilising the freedom of a laptop and WiFi, I could now run my business from virtually anywhere. My accounting was even handled in the cloud through Xero book-keeping, and I managed most of my services through email, Skype and Messenger.

This business is still running today, although we have built upon what we had learnt from my first business.

We knew the internet, e-commerce and social media was only going to get bigger, and we knew that a business that could be managed from a laptop or smartphone from anywhere in the world would suit our family lifestyle perfectly. Enter affiliate marketing.

Yes, I know, if you have heard of it before you might have got an earful of warnings and scam alerts, but, my parents would have said the same about the stockmarket and share trading!

It is a new world, and most links you click on nowadays are referral or advertising, and the best advertising is word of mouth.

So what better way to capitalise on the online shopping boom than with something like affiliate marketing. You become the salesman without having to worry about inventory, logistics and all that fun stuff.

Better still, it means if you find the right product with good commissions that matches you as a person or business, you can get money from recommending something you love. How good is that?!

Imagine if you loved that new book, recommended it to your bestie, and she bought it off your recommendation. Now imagine if the book retailer gave you a gift voucher or cold hard cash for your referral as a way to say thank you?!

That was money from the retailers pocket or marketing budget, because you did him or her a favour by recommending the product. Even better, your bestie didn't pay any extra just so you could get a commission.

That in short, and put simply, is referral or affiliate marketing. The potential is huge.

Think about that example, no stress about stocking copies of the book in your garage, no worries about sending it out to customers, and no need to create the product, as it already exists and is awesome.

This is why I believe affiliate marketing is the second best business model, closely following trading of stocks, currencies and assets.

Now back to my original NEEDS of a business. Affiliate marketing fits right in.

It is fairly passive, meaning you can set it up and let it do its thing, even when you are asleep or travelling the globe. You just check in every now and then to make sure things are working.

We tied affiliate marketing into our first business and so great results. For example, partnering with specific platforms that we used for our clients gave us cutbacks, and recommending certain products (that we would have anyway, even without commission) now gave us an extra income for no extra outlay.

Some affiliate partnerships even paid out monthly commissions as long as the client kept using their system. This was great, as we were no longer doing any work for this income. 100% passive!

Now think outside the square and you see how brand influencers on Instagram, travel bloggers and video superstars are making good money working online in non-traditional roles.

You can also expand on your affiliate offerings with add-ons such as training platforms, sponsored posts or ads, and upsells.

The sky is the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing, and in my opinion is better than other options like dropshipping, a shop stocking your own products or even Amazon's fulfillment program.

Where to start I hear you say?

Thought you might ask. Let me show you a system we use ourselves to create great commissions ($300-6,000!) and manage it from a laptop anywhere in the world (there is internet access).

Check out the video we have uploaded at

It explains a system that requires no previous experience, and is a great stepping stone to building your online empire and freedom lifestyle.

Start with this, utilise the included training and access to high commission products and then learn to invest that income into systems that compound and grow your wealth even more.

This is exciting!!

Check it out now at

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