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Make Money Online with your own Shop

You'd have to be living under a rock, or locked away without internet access, to not know that online shopping is booming, and the expected growth in ecommerce is massive.

make money online

That is why having your own shop is a great way to make money online, but what is important, is what is on that shop.

Choosing Your Platform

With major online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, it can be a great to create your store within one of these platforms.

The advantage is you are showing up in a buyer rich environment, and if you choose the right products, advertising costs can be reduced due to organic searches.

 Apart from those online marketplaces, you might consider your own online shop.

This gives you the advantage of full control of branding, and building up your domain authority and rank. As a long term solution, this can be very beneficial.


With any thought of online shopping and selling online, the topic of product inventory comes up.

How you want to handle this depends on both your budget, and your business model.

For example, if you were selling your own products, you would need to consider storage and logistics, and also the depreciation of stock value due to age. You could also have the issues of damage, theft or people not wanting the product.

If you were drop shipping or using a service like Amazon Fulfillment, you have solved the storage and logistics issue, as they handle that, but you still need to be on top of your profit margins and marketing.

Selling services or digital products like ebooks does away with logistics, and can be advantageous with the fact that your service or digital product can be sold multiple times, unlike a physical product where you need multiples of them.

These products are just stored as products in your store and take up little to no room in terms of inventory storage.

Affiliate products are another option, and also do away with inventory storage, and logistics is handled by the manufacturer or distributor.

Whilst profits are often less with affiliate products, the ability to cut costs due to no inventory storage or set location is an advantage.

Affiliate product sales are simply a commission on selling a product. Rather than getting part of the profit margin, you get a set commission for every sale. It goes without saying that products paying out higher commissions do make this quite a lucrative business model. (especially without needing a set location, meaning a lot of laptop lifestylers travelling the world prefer this model, aka brand influencers).

The Shop Itself.

No matter what business model or product you choose to sell, we still recommend over all, to create your own Shopify store. Why? Let us explain....

We have built a lot of shops, and the one that always ticks the most boxes is Shopify. Whilst we do like the Australian NETO offering, the tried and trusted Shopify brand has a lot of room and options for expansion and integration.

For one, even if you choose to sell on eBay or Amazon, the app integrations allow you to manage your products and orders via your Shopify dashboard.

Secondly, the Shopify platform allows you to manage affiliate products, dropshipping, and digital product sales.

This now opens your options up for product choices, as well as delivery and logistics.

With a myriad of free themes built in, and simple app integrations for payment gateways, freight, and distribution, the Shopify platform is our choice for online shops.

Of course we are bias, as we are a Shopify Partner business.

The In's and Out's

The most important part of any shop, the traffic coming and going is what is crucial to whether your shop survives.

Already, the advantage of an online shop over a regular bricks and mortar store is different overheads, and a lot of the time, reduced overheads. But still, no traffic means no sales.

The advantage with your new Shopify store is integrating with major online players can increase and build your traffic and sales!

Social Media - Facebook and Instagram apps integrate with Shopify to allow you to upload products and do product tagging in photos.

Google - The Google Marketplace and Shopping channel allow you to display your products in the world's biggest search engine.

MailChimp - Email services like Mailchimp integrate to allow you to capture addresses and also reach out to cart abandonment users and regular buyers. This email database can also be used for your Facebook ad audiences or retargeting.

Affiliate or Referral - You could have your own referral program allowing previous buyers to recommend your products or shop to bring in new sales.

SEO - Shopify is also very easy to setup for on-site search engine optimisation. Your page metadata is readily available, as too are the theme codes for adding snippets of code for cookies and pixels.

Mobile Friendly - Majority of Shopify themes work exceptionally great on mobile devices, and more traffic is coming through this medium compared to desktop use nowadays. Having a shop that caters to mobile traffic will help not only sales, but your listing on Google search.

Blogging - Having blog posts that refer or link to your products can be what grows your brand. They can be shared on your social channels, but also be posted to other websites rather than your own blog. Whilst WordPress was designed for blogging, we would almost argue that Shopify does a better job of it. The features are just clean and simple.

The Bottom Line

The fact is that Shopify is a self hosted platform that allows you to have an online shop without worrying about hosting setups and backup. It also integrates very well with a lot of traffic creating apps and tools as outlined above, giving you the potential to be in more places.

Shopify offers a 14-day trial of their system, although we often advise clients they will take longer to be ready to go live.

To cater for this, we are offering you a 30 or 60 day trial. Totally FREE! How?

We are Shopify partners and will create a shop for you to start customizing. There is full documentation and support available via Shopify, or alternatively, we can work with you to get your site up and running with the right integrations and setup.

If you are interested, head over to our CONTACT US page and let us know.

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