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Invest Online with SEO, Social Media & Map Listings

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Organic Traffic
This is 2018, and while you might be all over the property market and have a profitable portfolio of investments, don't dismiss the profits available online by owning your own piece of digital empire.

What does that even mean bruh?!

No matter what people say about landing pages, clickfunnels and all that fun stuff, the fact remains, owning a consistent URL and website presence is beneficial, and works very well with.... I don't know...... GOOGLE!!
You see, you can run ads and send people to landing pages, webinars and click funnels, and yes, it has it's merits. But building your content on a website with a consistent topic (keyword or phrases) along with being linked on Google Search, Business and Maps is what will build your "virality" up and you will get an increase of organic traffic.
Our website is the perfect example. Whilst 60-70% of monthly visitors come from Facebook and Instagram, the remaining 30-40% of visitors have found us on Google search!


What is so good about Organic traffic?!

Everything! People trust word of mouth referrals over ads. People also search for everything on their mobile phones and many end up on search engines like Google. Better still.... organic = FREE traffic!

How do you get organic traffic?

You make sure your website has quality content, internal links, external referrals, correct schema and metadata, is indexed correctly through Bing and Google Webmaster tools, and most importantly, back links. Back links are other sites that are ranking referring back to your site to give you some clout or authority.
We have run SEO or search engine optimisation campaigns for many brands now, and the best advice is be consistent for 3-6 months. After the 3rd month, the magic starts. Things start coming together. The search engines start to find you and rank you for more search terms.

Why is this important in 2018?

Think about how many times you search online. It could be for directions, your favourite restarant, petrol stations or ATMs, or even your friend's house.
Now think about how you do those searches. On your mobile or laptop maybe. Were they typed or did you use voice search like Google Now, Siri or Cortana?

So what should I do?

Make sure you have a web address that is not a redirect, or just a sub domain of something like Leadpages or Clickfunnels.
Make sure your website contains useful content and around 500-2,000 words on each important page.
Blogging. I can't stress how beneficial blogging can be to get your brand or cause found on search engines and news aggregators.
Reach out to get back links and reviews. If you are going down this route, make sure you think about the quality of the links as you can get blacklisted by Google, and then the game is over!
Search for tiered link building strategies for back links. This can be a great way to protect your money site.

Property Maintenance

Just like real estate property, digital media property needs regular attention too.
Spend your weekly online time with your social media and blogging, but at least once a month, be sure to add content to your online listings and profiles such as Google and Apple Maps, Local or Business page, and your directory listings (citations).
This will keep your total online profile active, and will help your organic traffic flowing.

Can you have too much property?

Short answer is no. Long answer is yes.
If you are creating a lot of content for your brand, having it on different sites and platforms can be beneficial for your linking and brand awareness.
If you are not creating a lot of content, we would recommend having it focused in one place and then sharing it out to other platforms.

I don't have a clue what you are talking about!!

That is ok. You should be focusing on what your brand is about, and we recommend leaving things like SEO in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. Like us.
Yes, you can manage your own social media, we are offering to help build your web presence on search engines, maps and local listings.
Why not ask about auditing your current web presence, and recommending a strategy to build up your branding online?

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  • I used to be thoroughly impresses by authors and brands stating “as seen on” and then listing big ranking publishers and news sites. This was before I found out what SEO was, and how these guest blogs, reviews and articles could be bought. Not so special anymore! I love SEO, it is a whole new exciting world, and is by far NOT DEAD.

    The best marketing has always been when the buyer or audience cannot see they are being sold to. SEO is like that compared to ads. People get sick of in your face ads on the web and social media platforms I think. Organic news and blog articles are the future. #My2Cents


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