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Global Platform Takes Off in Australia

The official launch of Global Affiliate Zone (GAZ) kicked off on the Gold Coast earlier this year and we were excited to be involved.

The platform takes the proven money making strategies of affiliate marketing, and together with a mix of attraction marketing and the best from MLMs, offers a package that is available to people without experience.

They can do this by including both training on the system and resources like Facebook Ads, along with access to high commission affiliate products in the health technology industry.

Together with Japanese company Enagic, the Global Affiliate Zone platform allows users to create very high incomes ranging from $300 to $6K and above.*

Global Affiliate Zone offer their training package for $99USD per month, which also includes access to a global group of entrepreneurs, some making 7 figures.

Whilst still around 2 years old in Australia, the platform has grown exponentially and allowed more Australians to start making money using the internet, and from home or abroad.

To learn more about the platform and the products, as well as the earning potential, check out the webinar at


* Results are not typical and like any business, time and money is required to build it up.

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  • Hearing more and more good stuff come out of GAZ. I do love the idea of educational bonuses and lifetime commissions. Better than most affiliate marketing programs!


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